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Pantry Management

Fluid  provide the solution for managing your pantry. Our staffs are well trained for their behavior and also aware of the importance of keeping the dry pantry clean and tidy. Our staffs are trained for the below jobs.

Daily Pantry Schedule :

  • Cleaning of dry pantry.
  • Replenishing of pantry items as when required.
  • Cleaning of Vending Machine, Kettles, and Water Dispenser etc.
  • Refilling of Drinking water at cabins and Work stations.
  • Arrangement of Lunch & Snacks
  • Arrangement of Board room during the meetings
  • Serving Tea Coffee and water on call basis.
  • Wash and clean all utensils preparation equipment in the pantry area in accordance for
    proper kitchen sanitation.
  • Clean and Sanitizes work station and equipment
  • Preparing garbage for sanitation
  • Checking for pantry items in stock (e.g. Tea, Coffee,Sugar, Milk & Water)
  • Pantry boy would be in complete clean uniform with bow, gloves.
For more information about this service, please contact our office directly by phone or contact us